M2 50 Cal. Replica

Manufactured by Tracks and Things (Jon Shoop)

These are built from resin (plastic) and are too real, I mean you can see the part numbers! The trigger works,

charging handle cycles, top tray opens and has all the parts inside that actually work, it has a bolt and ejector, barrel unscrews,

spade grips come off just like the real thing. Weighs 10 lbs. These are the stuff, I mean this thing is crazy real looking.

They are durable but you wouldn't want to let the kids play with them as the spade grips could be ripped off if they tried hard enough.

Contact Jon above for more info on these, this is the one that he had at the MVPA Convention.

Cast mark in Trunion.

These Nuts are individually cast and can be unscrewed, Serial Number in Charge Handle Support.

Bolt Open.

Bolt Closed.

Tray Linkage works (Crazy).

Trigger Works.

Sight is molded in the down Position, But is so detailed you can't tell it's not real.

From 2 Feet away you can not tell it's not the real thing.